Friday, 24 September 2010


Hey there guys.

Up here in Blackpool there's a place (a bit like Cash Converters) called Money Traders. Basically exchange your stuff to us for a sixteenth of the price it's worth and we'll pay you cash in hand. There's two here in Blackpool, a larger one and a smaller. I was in the smaller yesterday and picked up a slightly scratched copy of Tony Hawk's Project 8 on PS2 for £2.99, but today I didn't get anything from the larger one. I also picked up an original PS1 memory card from Cash Generator (around the corner from the smaller MoneyTraders) for £1.99. I'm thinking of picking up an old Xbox and a GBA, but I'm gonna check out the local super-carboot sale on Sunday first.


  1. Places like that are AWESOME for picking up rare/crazy stuff.
    They're rare to find in america now though :[